Why intelligent homes are the wave of the future

Besides the obvious benefits of short term and long term financial savings and making your life a little more green, an energy audit and the upcoming renovations will make your home healthier and safer. With less heat loss from drafts and the addition of advanced, smart technology, you won’t get crazy fluctuations in energy usage. 

Why the intelli-home?

Intelli-HOME Energy actually grew out of an energy efficiency business building custom homes in the Sacramento area. Our CEO, Michael Newsom, wanted to create a company that was completely transparent and beneficial to the homeowner. He found that the whole home approach is the most cost effective way to create a cohesive energy efficient home.  Michael has been in the construction industry for over 35 years and a proponent of sustainable energy with an emphasis on home efficiency and renewable energy for over a decade. Michael has collaborated with utility companies to assist in the development of programs provided through Energy Upgrade California. As a Building Performance Institute and Home Performance with Energy Star Accredited Company he has received numerous national awards from the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Intelli-HOME energy platform is the certification mark of a home that has addressed all areas of conservation and production. Michael has blended years of expertise into “quantifying” dirty energy or waste into measurable revenue through a scientific data driven approach called Intelli-HOME energy.

Energy efficiency is going to continue to be an important piece of home building and renovation for the future as our energy conservation becomes more and more important to our wellbeing. So before you go start your renovation of your home, dream kitchen or bathroom, the most effective thing you can do is to make sure that you have a complete energy efficient report of your entire home.

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