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Your home should serve to protect you and provide a healthy environment for you and your family. Our micro-climate solution allows your systems to run more efficiently, improves your air flow design so each room is more comfortable and provides you with a cleaner and healthier living space.

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Immediate Savings on Utility Bills

High utilities (gas, water and electricity) costs wreak havoc on a family budget. An energy efficient home immediately lowers your bills which can easily pay for the upgrade itself. Also, an upgraded energy efficient home adds value to your property and make it more desirable if you ever decide to sell.

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The total home analysis shows home owners how their systems are all inter-related and how they can work more efficiently together.  As 1 of only 10 certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) companies in California, you receive a higher level of quality workmanship.

Client Testimonials

“What an excellent and forward-thinking company! This review is being written by a veteran of the energy efficiency industry, and these guys really know their stuff. World-class!” – Ryan B., Palm Springs

“We moved into a new home and quickly realized we needed to do something to make it energy efficient because our energy bills were $500/month (in the winter!). intelli-home upgraded our HVAC system, insulated the attic, and made sure the home was properly sealed.  They even took care of some electrical issues that weren’t related to the work they were doing. Our bills promptly dropped by about $250,  and the back bedroom that was uninhabitable is now a comfortable temperature.  As a bonus, my husband’s asthma improved with the better air quality. They had great communication through the process, and the whole team was very professional and courteous.”                        – Clint & Rachel N., Indio

“This is the best efficiency company to work with!!! I highly recommend getting whole house testing and see if you even need solar. I thought I needed solar to reduce my bills but they showed me the smarter way (more efficient, better energy savings and cost me much less than solar! With them you will benefit with lower energy costs and with a smaller carbon footprint.” Melissa L

“The installation schedule (for my project) was met on the timeline stated. The design and installation works great. Excellent performance (on equipment) and low noise. Next Level Home Performance provided excellent pre-project planning, cost estimating, financial options and installation. I didn’t realize that each installer would communicate the following days tasks (ie: duct, HVAC, water conservation measures, fan) to me. This verbal handoff was refreshing and helpful!”  Ted D.

“Next Level did a test on my home, walked me through the entire process and explained everything they were doing. They showed me the results (good bad and ugly) and how much I was spending on energy because my home was inefficient-it was like my home was sick in a way. They helped me get rebates from IID that paid for part of the improvements I decided to go with. Two months later my bills are cheaper but more importantly my home is so much more comfortable and we don’t feel like were going to be miserable when the heat hits! Thanks so much to the Next Level team-you were all very professional with great communication through the entire process. I have recommended you to all my local family members!” Abel and Alicia, Indio

“Next Level Home Performance does exactly what they say they are going to do. If you are looking for a company to shave your bill off they are it…there is nobody else better” – Bob R

“We are delighted by how much more comfortable the house is, and grateful for the significant reduction in our electricity and gas bills!” – Gary D

“Honest and very reputable company! Highly recommend Next Level Home Performance. Best air quality company around. Great job Team Next Level.” Lisa J.

“We had these folks give us an energy audit (free service!) and wow I had no idea! We were spending thousands each year on inefficient systems (our cooling and insulation being the worst). After the assessment they broke down the data to show us exactly where we were losing money by paying way too much to SoCal Edison from these bad systems we had. We ended up getting new HVAC, ducts, insulation in the attic crawl space and new double pane windows. We always thought we needed solar to get our bill down but they showed us that in fact solar wasn’t the best option for our home and use. We’re very happy with the results and two months later are paying much less overall AND we can now turn down the A/C to be comfy and not stress about our bill.”Elizabeth C., Palm Desert, CA.


“They checked the home inside and out and came back with the results the following day.  We couldn’t believe how thorough they were and the solutions the home qualified for. After the installation, the house felt different.  We no longer had drastic temperature changes in the different rooms throughout the day.  We could leave our curtains open to let the light in without the house getting hot.  The triple digit temperature summer temperatures arrived, and it takes the A/C no time at all to cool the house comfortably and evenly throughout.  Our energy bills have literally been cut in half of what they would normally be.  Not to mention, my husband no longer complains of his sinus headaches. Nor does our daughter with her asthma or me with my allergies due to the improved air quality. We couldn’t be more appreciative of how quickly the team at Next Level Home Performance addressed our health issues while eliminating the energy waste we were experiencing.  We never have worked with a company as turn-key as them.  We are recommending them to all our friends and family!” – Melita, Rancho Mirage

“We had a test done on our home and they presented us with the results in a custom report. We contracted with them to install new insulation, windows and our HVAC system. Our current system was so old it died when we tried to cool our house in the first heat wave. Next Level sent a technician to our house, even before our project, to get our current system going enough to last us until the new one was installed. Our experience with this firm has always been an A+. The office staff is responsive and courteous, technicians are knowledgeable and courteous. I would highly recommend Next Level Home Performance.” Anonymous

“Next Level Home Performance did a full analysis on my home and came up with a comprehensive plan to help me improve the energy efficiency of my house.  The technicians who worked on my home were clean, respectful, courteous and always kept me up to date with what they were doing and what was next. They went above what they had promised, they truly have the client’s best intention in mind when they do a job. Nickie, La Quinta

Your Custom Plan

Using building science, our certified professionals map exactly where your home is losing energy and how much it’s costing you.

From your energy data and goals, we custom engineer an energy analysis savings plan for you (at NO COST). We’re proud to offer $0 out-of-pocket solutions to upgrade your home.

Schedule your NO COST home analysis, see how you can save money with your home operating more efficiently, marvel at our pain-free installation process, and relax in your newly upgraded intelli-home home!

Schedule easily online.

We Help Families Save

Our team understands that your home is more than four walls and a roof. It’s a place of comfort and security, a gathering mecca for friends, and a sanctuary for your family.

With our top efficiency upgrades, homeowners save on their utility bills, increase the value of their home and benefit our future generations.

We’ve helped countless families make their homes more enjoyable with less energy costs.


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