Micro-climate for Your Home

Maximize your health, safety, comfort and utility savings
with energy efficiency upgrades.

Creating Your micro-climate

There are 3 elements to creating a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient micro-climate: Air Flow Design & Insulation, Source Control and Particulate Filtration.

Air Flow Design and Attic Insulation optimizes your existing cooling and heating systems, so that you get the maximum benefit and comfort in every room.  As part of this, we connect our intelli-pure photocatalytic oxidation system to purify the air and surfaces of your home. 90% of homes have indoor air quality that is up to 5 times more polluted than outside air.  Our intelli-pure clean air system eliminates over 99% of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, creating a healthier and safer living environment.

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Source Control

Source control is achieved through a Building Envelope Seal.  We foam seal around your vents, can lights, outlets and anywhere that is allowing contaminants to come into your home from the attic or crawl spaces.  This keeps the unhealthy particles and contaminants out of your living space.  Next Level Home Performance is 1 of only 10 BPI California companies that are licensed to do a safe Building Envelope Seal using blower door testing.

In addition to Source Control and as part of the Healthy Home Inspection, we measure your homes ACHn rate (natural air changes per hour).  Every home has a rate in which air is naturally leaking outside, this directly affects the amount of energy you use to condition the air in your home. If your home is leaking too much air, then you are prone to high energy bills and waste.  If your home is leaking too little, then you are subject to the Sick Home Syndrome where your family is living in a poor indoor air environment. This condition causes 50% of all illness such as headaches, respiratory issues, fatigue, allergies, itchy skin or eyes to name a few.

Particulate Filtration

At Next Level Home Performance, we recommend using MERV-11 filters.  These filters block out the maximum number of particles like human air, carpet fibers, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, smog, tobacco and dust, while allowing for the maximum air flow.

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3 Steps to Health and Maximum Savings

Step 1

Our experienced technicians inspect all systems (equipment, insulation, ducting, energy waste and existing indoor air quality threats). they also check for any potential health and safety concerns in your home as well as gather data regarding your current energy consumption and utility costs.

Step 2
Customized Plan

Our BPI certified engineering team performs a comprehensive whole home analysis of all your discovery data. They will create an easy to understand report showing how your home is performing from an energy efficiency, health and safety perspective. Based upon the custom results you will learn your current home energy score.

Step 3

A Home Performance Specialist will review the findings of your home's systems, energy score and any potential health risks. You will learn how to lower all utility costs by eliminating your energy waste. Our Specialist will also recommend solutions to ensure your home is healthy, safe, comfortable and ultra-efficient.

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