Looking to remodel your home? Learn why a home energy audit will save you a lot of time and money.

You might start with the idea of modernizing your home with a new kitchen and bath renovation or just looking for energy efficiency appliances to save money, since your electric bills are higher than they should be.   Before you start your renovation, an energy audit of your entire home will save you substantial time and money resulting in a clear and sound financial plan.

Another consideration is the Title 24 code compliance for obtaining permits.  California was the first state to implement minimum energy efficiency standards in 1974. The code’s purpose is to advance the state’s energy policy, develop renewable energy sources and prepare for energy emergencies. The codes are divided into residential and non-residential sections.

Today, the trend is sustainability or going green and with our busy lives it’s overwhelming to figure out the right solar, or HVAC, or what water filtering system to buy.  By starting out with an evaluation of you entire home, you can determine what’s wasting your energy and money every time you use it and where you can make improvements. It doesn’t matter whether your house is decades old or brand new – there are always things that can be improved to make things just a little greener.  For instance, a whole home approach can save you 3 to 5 times more money than a piecemeal approach.  Each area or unit of your house acts like a food chain process.  If you improve one area, it can affect or even damage another system.  They are all interrelated and need to work together in a sequence since your house is an interrelated system.  More and more people are realizing that intelligent energy upgrades are better than a standalone improvement. For instance, solar only considers one piece, but a whole home approach allows you to function healthier, safer and more energy efficient.

In addition, armed with a complete energy efficient report, you could off-set your improvements with the energy savings, rebates, grants, incentives.  Intelli-HOMEs financing program [link to Why Intelli-HOME] which usually zero’s out out-of-pocket monthly expenses off-set by the energy savings.

What does an energy auditor do?

The growth of the green economy has created a brand new subsect of energy professionals all looking to provide energy solutions, but only approach it piecemeal.

In California, the state is offering incentives like rebates or grants for energy efficient construction, there are a number of benefits to getting a trained professional to study your home for potential shortcomings before you take the plunge on any changes or renovations.

What does a home test look at?

At Intelli-HOME we perform a structural energy health and safety analysis of your home to make sound decisions on energy conservation.  Our full-service solutions are 100% customized to your energy needs, because we analyze the entire home for energy deficiencies and provide an efficiency report which includes water, natural gas, electricity, air and gasoline. Along with this report are recommendations for sustainable clean-energy alternatives.

The associated costs for improvements are off-set by the savings in energy costs, rebates, incentives, discounts and grants. We also offer financing so our customers will incur little or no out-of-pocket monthly expenses for improvements.

How much money will an energy audit save you?

An energy audit will help you determine what you need to prioritize if you’re going to invest in the long term efficiency of your household.   Over time, you can save approximately $100,000 over 20 years.

As a result, you can expect big savings on your energy use.  An energy auditor will also make recommendations on specific products that are most efficient and should provide you with a list of applicable rebates and grants in your area that may help mitigate the costs of your renovations – and only a licensed energy professional can implement a verification process to validate the energy efficiency.

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