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The answer is YES if you want to save 30% to 50% of your energy costs.  We provide a whole home approach using scientific data and a proprietary rating system that will empower homeowners to lead a cleaner lifestyle for a healthier and safer environment while reducing energy costs.

After the home energy evaluation, we provide a home performance report back to the customer with recommended savings options that have no out-of-pocket expenses to take advantage of health, safety and energy savings packages.

Our customers will be provided with clear and proven solutions for their entire home with little or no out-of-pocket monthly expenses for improvements.

Our trained energy guides will perform a visual assessment of your home, gather all your energy costs and usage for water, natural gas, electricity and gasoline. Because of the level of detail involved, an audit typically takes 1 hour onsite and approximately 4 to 6 hours offsite to complete your custom proprietary report.

Our home energy evaluation is a comprehensive audit of your home and typically can run over $1,000.  At intelli-home for a limited time we are offering a complimentary home assessment.  In addition, we facilitate grants, rebates, incentives and discounts saving time and money for our customers.

Our trained energy guides will discuss with you any problems you’re having such as high energy bills, cold/hot rooms, poor air distribution, existing respiratory conditions, etc. to find the best cost and health savings solutions. 

Follow these tips so you’re prepared when the energy guide arrives.

  • Make a list of existing problems and share that with your energy guide. Your list may include the following: visible condensation, uncomfortable or drafty rooms, mold or mildew, dampness, odors, icicles along your eaves, and pest problems (ants, mice, etc.).
  • Have copies of your last 12 months bills for water, natural gas and electricity. If you are unable to locate them we can assist you in a few short minutes to gather the data.
  • Be present during the energy evaluation. To do a thorough inspection, your energy guide will need easy access to the following areas: attic, basement, crawl space, electrical panel, heating, cooling and water heater systems. During the audit, you can ask questions that come up, as well as provide helpful information to the energy guide.

After you’ve had your home energy evaluation, we can help you review the results and recommend next steps for maximum savings.

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