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Next Level Home Performance looks at your entire house as one system to create a healthier, safer and more energy efficient living environment. Desert homes are in an extreme climate and carry higher health risks associated with poor indoor air quality, consume more energy and are less comfortable.

By eliminating energy waste, over 90% of our customers see a net savings advantage - saving them more money every month than the cost of the upgrades.
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Next Level Home Performance is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited company.


Indoor micro-climates, like your home, are a breeding ground for disease, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), viruses, and toxic indoor air quality. With little to no escape along with mixing with the air in your attic, these pathogens and particles stay inside your home and go unseen. The average person spends 90% of their life indoors, science has proven poor indoor micro-climates can greatly impact your health. According to the American Medical Association, 50% of all illness is caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air.

Learn where and how your home is harming you

Is your home safe or at risk? Peace of mind is knowing for sure. Our comprehensive home health consultation provides the answers you need to know.

Discover your home's performance

Gain valuable insights into your home's health and efficiency score, air quality, potential safety risks and utility cost concerns.

Save time and money, while gaining valuable insight

Save time and money with our whole home approach i.e. getting all home systems checked at one time. Gain insight into recovering energy losses while improving your family's health.

Benefits of our whole home approach

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Our healthy home consultation will empower you to make smart decisions to make your home healthy, safe, quiet and ultra-efficient.  In addition, we have access to facilitate grants, rebates, incentives and discounts saving extraordinary time and money for our customers.  

The Next Level Home Performance team allows our customers to make intelligent cost saving decisions.  Next Level’s proprietary home efficiency rating system uses building performance science during your consultation. For a limited time this rating is available at no cost, these ratings are normally $1,ooo and more.  Homeowners save between 30% to 50% on utility bills that can be redirected into making your home safe, comfortable, durable, and ultra-efficient while adding to your home’s value.

A Next Level Home Performance rating is any residence (fifteen years or older) that uses energy efficiently from: water, air quality, natural gas and electricity.  All systems and health levels in the home (building envelope, heating & cooling systems, duct work and attic insulation levels) work together to create an ultra-efficient home.

Next Level home’s costs significantly less to operate and maintain a healthier, safer, durable, and ultra comfortable environment.

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