Redefine your energy,
live intelligently

An intelli-home costs less to operate, is healthier, safer, ultra efficient and sustainable.

Across Coachella Valley, our team works diligently to give communities the knowledge they deserve, efficiency solutions they want, and savings they need.

How it works

Our expert energy guides allow our customers to make smart cost saving decisions.  intelli-home energy uses a proprietary rating system using scientific data during our Home Energy Evaluation at no cost to you (valued at $675) for a limited time. 

Discover your home's performance

Gain valuable insights into your home's inefficiencies, safety threats, and health concerns.

Learn where and how your home is wasting money

Our comprehensive home performance report details your home's energy inefficiencies and costs, projected losses, and potential for savings.

Save time and money, while gaining valuable insight

Save time and money with our whole home approach i.e. getting all home systems checked at one time. Gain insight into recovering energy losses.

See the difference

Our whole home approach looks at your entire home as a system, not just one area.

Home Energy Solutions 1

It's the only way to achieve 100% efficiency to improve your energy, safety, health and improvements.

Benefits of our whole home approach

  • Gain peace of mind knowing your home is safe and healthy.
Family at home sitting on the floor

Our home performance report will empower you to make smart decisions to make your home healthy, safe, quiet and sustainable.  In addition, we have access and can facilitate grants, rebates, incentives and discounts saving extraordinary time and money for our customers.  Through our energy verification process, we ensure maximum benefits.

  • Maximize savings by minimizing energy waste.

Our expert energy guides allow our customers to make smart cost saving decisions.  intelli-home’s proprietary rating system uses scientific data during our home energy evaluation at no cost to you for a limited time (valued at $675).  Homeowners save between 30% and 50% on energy costs.

Even 20 years from now, you’ll have the same energy cost, resulting in substantial savings.

Home Energy Solutions 2
  • More enjoyable, affordable and sustainable.
Home Energy Solutions 3

An intelli-home is any residence that uses energy efficiently from: water, air, electricity and gasoline.  It’s air-tight, well-insulated, and produces renewable energy.

Intelli-homes cost less to operate and maintain. They are healthier, safer and more sustainable.

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